I have been a knitter for over 45 years. While knitting hasn’t always been front and center in my life, it has been a constant companion. I have worked in a LYS where pattern support and knitting instruction were a part of everyday life. I moved on from that to work creating one-of-a-kind sweaters for individuals. When a major move took me far from those I loved and worked for I began knitting lace for sale in a variety of shops and for individual orders. All of this alongside my everyday life, both work and play.

I was taught to crochet about the same time. Understanding crochet patterns also helped me as I worked with yarn store customers. I admit I have never made a crocheted garment, but I have loved making blankets and a myriad of accessories.

I added spinning to my other fiber pursuits some years ago. I have even dabbled with weaving over the last few years. Most of my spinning is done for local clients and for sale, while the weaving takes a very low priority in my fiber pursuits.

All of this experience has helped to build my understanding of fiber, yarn and the patterns used to turn that fiber into finished projects. Having dealt with many poorly written or badly edited patterns has led to a desire to help change this. Thus, I have now chosen to add technical editing to my long list of fiber related activities. My goal is to make your patterns, articles, and/or instruction handouts clear, concise, and accurate while encouraging the use of your own voice and creative aesthetic.