Addie Otto

Lisa's advice and corrections were very clear and helpful. She has a good blend of 'do precisely this', 'reword that', and 'perhaps this'. Lisa's advice was sound and well presented. My pattern has come a long way from where it began and it is so much better for her input. I felt much more confident in releasing it after tech editing. I was proud of the shawl, but now I'm proud of the pattern too! I wouldn't hesitate to use Arctic Edits again and I'm already lining up the next pattern.

Spirit Bridger/Anthely Designs

A huge thank you to Arctic Edits, who has helped me fine tune my debut pattern! Although I had gone through with a fine-tooth comb several times, Arctic Edits caught a couple of small errors and offered suggestions for details I had not considered. What was already a well-written pattern became even more refined and I am confident my customers will appreciate the additional effort. Thank you for the quick turnaround and clear feedback. I am so grateful!

Valerie Rogotzke

I think we worked quite well together! I appreciated how efficient and detailed you were in your response, and I was so happy to take your recommendations and make changes. I teach writing at the college level, and the words I always repeat to my students are “concision” and “precision.” You’ve got both of those in spades!

Bea Gare

This has been INCREDIBLY helpful. I’m just realising why you’re paid the big bucks So many small mistakes and inconsistencies that my eyes just glided over. My fingers AUTOMATICALLY double space after a full stop, because that’s what I was taught at secretarial college back in the 1970s. I see now that I must update my formatting in that regard. And of course I put in far too many double returns, because I’m used to formatting for readability, not for cramming into small print areas. Anyway – just looking through these edits has been a lesson in itself.