Episode 50: Saving $ on Editing

  1. Check spelling
  2. Double check your abbreviations. Make sure that you are consistent with their use and that all abbreviations are in your glossary.
  3. Double check notions to ensure that if it’s mentioned in the pattern, it’s listed.
  4. Give yourself some time and then double check your numbers. Do stitch/row counts create size suggested.
  5. Check that Hyperlinks work. Make sure to give credit where credit is due.


How to add words to the spell-check dictionary on Mac. (There is a similar process for Windows.)

  1. Open TextEdit (Finder – Applications – TextEdit.app) or Pages. (Note: Word on Mac does not use the MacOS dictionary. If you use Word you will need to add to its internal dictionary as well.)
  2. Type the word you wish to add to the dictionary.
  3. Right click on the word and select Learn Spelling or select word and go to Edit menu – Spelling and Grammar – Show Spelling and Grammar – Learn.

Screenshot of right-click menu when selecting a single word in text editor.

Spell check box menu on Mac

How to remove words from the spell-check dictionary.
Note: this only works on words you have added.

  1. Open TextEdit or Pages.
  2. Type incorrect word.
  3. Select word and right click – Unlearn Spelling.

To Edit the words, complete steps to remove word and then retype with correct spelling and re-save.


Combine data using the CONCATENATE function

  1. Select the cell where you want to put the combined data.
  2. Type: =CONCATENATE(.
  3. Select the cell you want to combine first. Use commas to separate the cells you are combining and use quotation marks to add spaces, commas, or other text. NOTE: In Numbers I like to set up a cell with the “ “ so that I don’t have to retype this every time, in Excel, just type the space into an empty cell or after each word.
  4. Close the formula with a parenthesis and press Enter.

There is a shortened version of this function, CONCAT, that only joins two cells with data.

Concatenate function as seen in Numbers

results of concatenate function in Numbers

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