Episode 42: Updates and Tech Revisited

What Tech Tools am I using Today?

  1. PDF readers and annotators
    1. PDF Marker: Mac Only (Simple, clean, and free, available in the App store)
  2. Document Layout
    1. Affinity Publisher
  3. Schematics
    1. Affinity Designer/Vector Graphics  good Facebook groups for questions
    2. Vectornator now Linearity Curve
  4. Photo Editing
    1. Affinity Photo
  5. Charting Software
    1. Chart Minder, online, limited, but available free, can link to your Ravelry account
  6. Trello, organizing
  7. Stash and Project
    1. YarnBuddy
    2. KnitCompanion  https://www.knitcompanion.com/
  8. Specialty Apps
    1. YarnSub

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