Episode 20: What should be in a pattern – Maker Edition

Tiffany and Denise talk about what they would like to see in every pattern as makers.

Sizing should be in the listing with complete details, including a schematic.
Suggested possible modifications, if available, should be listed.
Supply list is a shopping list and should be complete down to how many, what style/color stitch markers.
Detailed yarn information, exactly what yarn is used, what colorways used, and which color is where in the pattern. If it’s a collaboration, put link for access with shortened URL. Include possible yarn substitutions.
Abbreviations should all be listed and defined. Special stitches explained and links to videos where possible. They should be as standard as possible. (Standards exist on Craft Yarn Council for both knit and crochet).
Notes should cover possible trouble spots or any information that requires more details than can be covered in row instructions.
Credits for Tech Editor, Testers, Photographers: while not obligatory, it’s the nice thing to do.

Crochet Abbreviations
Knit Abbreviations

Very Pink Knits YouTube
Note: she was referred to as the Pink Lady during the podcast.

Mallow by Berocco

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