Episode 13: Tech Editing vs. Testing

Tiffany and Denise talk about testing vs. tech editing. They cover how they differ, when and why it’s important to do each, and their experiences with testing.

Places to find testers or find tests that you can participate in:
Ravelry: The Testing Pool, or follow your favorite designer(s)
Facebook: Pattern Testing, Crochet & Knit, or follow your favorite designer(s)
Yarnpond, a pool of testers for both knit and crochet, sample makers, and tech editors
Instagram, follow designers and appropriate hashtags, pattern.testers and fattestknits for size inclusive pattern tests
Join your favorite designers newsletter as many designers post tests there first

Other things the girls talked about:
Christa, The Frosted Stitch; website and on Instagram
Very Pink Knits YouTube

Something added:
Learn to plan your designs to be released at the appropriate time of year with Erin Clayton’s Plan Your Year of Designs workbook and video lesson


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