Episode 11: Two Tech Editor Talk

Tiffany and I ramble on about differences in Crochet and Knit patterns and learn about the details of editing each.

Tiffany mentioned this Crochet skill quiz free:
Crochet Skill Level Quiz – PDF Only
Crochet skill quiz premium:
Crochet Skill Level Quiz – Premium Digital + PDF

Other Links mentioned by Tiffany:
Ravelry: Designs by Katrina Walser
OliphantKatKnits | Etsy

Specific pattern Lorraine’s Lace Tank:
Lorraine’s Lace – t-shirt knitting pattern – instant download – cotton knitting pattern – women’s t-shirt pattern
Ravelry: Lorraine’s Lace 2.0 pattern by Katrina Walser

Andrea for skill levels:

Instagram posts on US vs UK Crochet terminology:
A post shared by WootCrafts | Tiffany (@wootcrafts)
A post shared by WootCrafts | Tiffany (@wootcrafts)
A post shared by WootCrafts | Tiffany (@wootcrafts)

Craft Yarn Council Standards and Guidelines:
Project Levels (they do not distinguish crafts, but use the same levels for each)
Hooks & Needles, US to mm
To get to the downloadable Standards and Guidelines PDF, go to Craft Yarn Council, and select the Standards menu

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